Bacca has developed its core expertise by putting together insurance premium financing solution for agents, brokers and insurance companies operating in the Polish market. The Bacca team has an unrelenting approach towards process innovation resulting in solutions significantly improving the way insurers interact with agents, brokers and clients. Its card payment solution (Tubapay®) allows for the seamless and faultless flow of information between the core systems of insurance companies and the payment terminals installed with agents and brokers. Bacca’s telematics solution (Go11®) and credit-based insurance scoring (BRI®) provides insurers with tools to obtain the objective input to their scoring systems significantly improving the precision of the target client risk assessment. All Bacca solutions are designed for easy implementation and can be flexibly supported by the Company’s core payment system.

We have created an insurance financing market in Poland. Since 2011 the basic Bacca service has been the instalment payment system allowing for monthly payments for any vehicle, property or company insurance policy.

You may benefit from Bacca’s instalment payment system by selecting the offer of insurance companies that cooperate with us or via our independent instalment offer - smart11. Via smart11 you can purchase in monthly instalments any insurance policy of any insurance company operating in Poland.

We offer you convenience, usability and high availability as well as competitive prices. Our instalment payment system is available from the best insurance agents in Poland. We consistently train new brokers to deliver our services to a steadily growing number of Clients.



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