Bacca’s Policy and Payment App

Bacca developed a mobile app facilitating contact and handling of agreements to its Clients and Agents. The Client can use this app to manage the payment scheme of insurance premium instalment payments. The app has also a range of basic household budget management facilities including bank transfers and low cost currency conversion.The clients who download the app obtain also a Bacca branded payment card.

Bacca’s App facilitate the communication with the Client and Agent, and allow for easy self-handling of agreements. The app allow for the execution of the most common orders – conveniently and at any time, without the necessity to involve Bacca consultants or insurance agents.

Additional payment and transaction functions facilitate daily settlements during any purchase as well as among family members and friends. The is handy in many situations, for example when travelling abroad, activating a virtual card for Internet transactions or transferring “pocket money”. The app allow for issuing a fully-fledged payment card to a child from the age of 13 and for the effective management of credits and transfers to such a card.

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