Bacca has its prioprietary, complex telematics solutions for Insurers. The solution includes four integrated areas: driving style scoring, mobile app for drivers, collecting data on one’s driving style and individually adjusted payment system.

The first area is a back-end system for aggregating data from road events, traffic situation and multi-aspect assessment of driver’s behaviour. The second area is a mobile app providing for the presentation of a driving style score, communication with the Client and building his/her involvement in safety improvement. Additionally, we have developed tools for collecting telemetric data from road events from a smartphone or an OBD2 device The telematics solution is supported by the payment system allowing for automated collection the variable sums of insurance premium.

Driving style scoring

Bacca’s back-end system for assessing driving style uses original algorithms created by a team of  Polish IT specialists, with prior experience in this type of solutions developed for insurers operating across a wide range of  leading foreign markets.. Our system architecture aggregates information from a variety of sources (e.g. speed limit maps, weather forecast services, traffic volumes etc.). The system fulfils the highest standards of security of data processing and has successfully proven to be stable in severe high-volume stress tests.

App for drivers

Bacca has developed a ready-to-use mobile app, allowing for the adjustment to branding and requirements of an insurer. Supported by the sophisticated data collection mechanism, the front-end is designed to easily engage with the user.. The personal scoring mechanism is a “gaming” feature enticing the users to constantly monitor their driving style and share the results with their friends. The intensity of the app utilisation makes it the effective communication tool with the end users.

Collecting data on driving style

Bacca’s back-end system is designed to collect and process information on any app user’s ride from all available sources, i.e. a smartphone, OBD2 device and black box. Integration with the Insurer’s IoT platform is also possible. In Bacca’s opinion, in case of mass clients the mobile app alone constitutes a sufficient source of information on the driving style. Nevertheless, supporting the app with a light OBD2 device with GPS, accelerometer, memory card and wireless connection with a smartphone allows for saving the phone battery and integrating with the users’ smartphones of weaker technical parameters.

Payments for telematics

Bacca is a leader of instalment payments in the insurance industry. Bacca’s payment solutions for telematics allow for making the insurance premium conditional on one’s current driving style. We have implemented unique legal and financial solutions that eliminate the necessity to make payments in advance. We have technologies that allow for payments through the app.

We are flexible with respect to the scope of services we can provide, e.g. handle payments in telematics or conduct driving style assessments as an additional service or the combination thereof.

Our own clients are encouraged to install the telematics app allowing them, to get acquainted with the telematics technology and assess one’s own driving style compared to other drivers.

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