TubaPay is a dedicated tool, best solution and payment terminal for an insurance agent.

It is an intelligent and integrated payment system, allowing for cashless settlement between customer, insurance agent and insurance company. TubaPay is also a convenient viewing and analysis of transaction history. Thanks to TubaPay you can quickly settle payments not only with integrated insurers, but also those who have not yet joined us.

Why use it? It's easy. TubaPay guarantees primarily:

  • money savings - less time spent on reporting and transaction statements, more time for meetings with clients. It is worth knowing that TubaPay app and access to the TubaPay portal are free. You do not incur any fees for TubaPay transactions generated directly in the insurer's system. Integrated insurer covers the cost of card payments for their policies.
  • time savings - you don't waste time on completing documents and ordering transfers. What’s important – the system is designed so that you can't go wrong! 

Using our terminals is convenient and very easy. We understand insurance as well as payment and settlement processes between the client, agent and insurance company.

Bacca has been dealing with insurance payments for years. We have successfully introduced non-cash instalment payments. We have implemented recurring card payments for our clients. We are now introducing intelligent, integrated card payments at an insurance agency.

For more information about TubaPay app and terminal, please visit www.tubapay.pl

See how TubaPay works!

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