Video communication

Bacca has introduced audio-visual communication for its Clients. Each new Client receives a welcome e-mail including a personalised, interactive video. This is a very efficient communication tool, reducing the need for handling customer requests on the phone or mail as well as contributing to the high client retention rate.

Video narrative and emotional content is a far more efficient communication and educational tool in comparison with the standard written documentation offered by insurers. Having watched the video, the Client has the option to go to online portals, application or contact our company.

Baccawidely uses electronic communication channels. The videos allowsfor the automation and easy conveying of information regarding payments and insurance. Most Bacca Clients watch video messages on their mobile devices. At present, we use personalised videos in onboarding and renewals. We intend to use it in payment monitoring as well as sales support of Bacca Partners.

We also pay attention to the personalisation of communicated information in SMS messages, e-mails and videos. Apart from addressing the Client by their name and presenting an appropriate vehicle and city of residence, a particularly important role in our messages is played by the Insurance Agent responsible for the agreement conclusion with the Client. We support communication between our distributor and the Client by presenting accurate contact details to the Client, even including the Agent’s photo, a route map to the Agent’s office and a clickable, direct phone number to the Agent.

Bacca has technical capabilities and experience in conducting similar campaigns to the benefit of its Partners in terms of both the cooperation with Bacca and towards exclusive Clients of Bacca’s Partner. Video communication may be easily integrated into electronic marketing on other platforms and it significantly increases the effectiveness of phone campaigns. The video communication contributed to the increase of the renewal levels by over 20% and we have plenty of evidence that the marketing efficiency  of the personalised video technology is in a different order of magnitude as compared with the traditional tools.

Too see our videos please visit Bacca's Youtube channel smart11 TV.

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