Bacca Risk Index (BRI) is an insurance risk index for vehicle insurance created by Bacca and based on the objective assessment of the Client’s financial responsibility.

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Bacca has its prioprietary, complex telematics solutions for Insurers. The solution includes four integrated areas: driving style scoring, mobile app for drivers, collecting data on one’s driving style and individually adjusted payment system.

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Video communication


Bacca has introduced audio-visual communication for its Clients. Each new Client receives a welcome e-mail including a personalised, interactive video. This is a very efficient communication tool, reducing the need for handling customer requests on the phone or mail as well as contributing to the high client retention rate.

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Bacca’s Policy and Payment App


Bacca developed a mobile app facilitating contact and handling of agreements to its Clients and Agents. The Client can use this app to manage the payment scheme of insurance premium instalment payments. The app has also a range of basic household budget management facilities including bank transfers and low cost currency conversion.The clients who download the app obtain also a Bacca branded payment card.

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smart 11


smart11 is an insurance premium financing service addressed to Insurance Agents. It allows the Clients to pay for their insurance in low monthly instalments, while Bacca pays the insurance premium for the entire year in advance. This service allows for financing every property insurance policy, with specific focus on insurance policies of all insurers. Upon insurance purchase, the Client concludes a separate contract, allowing the Client to pay in instalments. Smart11 generates clear benefits for the Client, Agent and Insurer.

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At Bacca we have developed a unique, at both national and international level, cooperation model with insurers, enabling them to offer insurance in monthly instalments. The instalment payment system is available directly in the Insurer’s system, while the Client does not sign any additional contract for financing the insurance premium. The service is fully integrated with the sale and settlement process. With Bacca integrated system, the insurers obtain an innovative sales tool that supports building a more profitable portfolio and limits the costs of payment processing and monitoring.

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